Watch: Schindler’s List leaves soloist in tears

The violinist is Simone Lamsma.

The cor anglais Davida Scheffers.

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  • She’s playing a fabulous Britten this week in Houston. I don’t ladle heavy praise as some commenters here do, but her Britten earns it – great playing and musicianship.

  • Beautiful and moving indeed. I’ve visited this video many times. I sense that Davida Scheffers have a personal relation to these atrocities.

    But Chloe Hanslip has the best performance I’ve ever heard of this music. I really like her expressive violin playing.

    There is quite a difference between Lamsma’s more streamlined playing and Hanslip’s very romantic free approach. I wonder what Williams think?

    (… and Perlman’s on YouTube the worst… ?)

    • Perhaps Davida Scheffers has a personal connection.

      Regardless, the music is very moving, and the association with the Schindler’s List inevitable and overwhelming. I don’t know how anyone can watch that movie with a dry eye. I didn’t, and I am not Jewish.

  • The tears are because this orchestra is made up of highly-skilled amateur musicians most of whom went to conservatory and had plans to be professionals, but somehow never made it; Davida suffers from an extremely painful neuromuscular condition that derailed her career, and she thought she would never get to play in a professional orchestra again. That, combined with this particular piece of music, elicited the emotional response we all saw here. (The also-emotional blonde woman they kept panning to in the audience is Davida’s daughter).

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