Sports relief as Vanessa-Mae bows out of Winter Olympics

The attention-seeking violinist has withdrawn from the Thailand ski team with a shoulder injury.

We sincerely hope it won’t affect her playing.


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  • Quite on the contrary, let’s hope it definitely affects her playing and prevents the world from more musical vandalism.

  • Dear Private Eye,
    Viewing your excellent and informative commentary above, I couldn’t help notice the similarity between the skiier and part-time violinist Vanessa-Mae, and the celebrity and part-time cellist Tina Guo. Are they perhaps related ? I think we should be told.

    • +1

      although, being a double bass player, I have to admit it can be difficult to tell a violin from a cello … 😉

  • Part-time violinist? I can guess what her other “profession” is from the photo. Does no one have, does no one impose any standards anymore?
    Somehow, Yo Yo Ma has become the world’s most eminent musician. When has he shown any leadership?

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