Snowbound at JFK? This violinist can help…

Passengers whose flights were cancelled out of New York’s main airport were offered a welcome distraction when Michelle Ross whipped out her violin and got her fingers moving.

Julie Norman (pic), a soprano who lives in Holland, captured the performance.

Julie had been planning to fly Delta to Brussels when the six-hour delay sign went up.


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Michelle, a former Dorothy DeLay student, is artistic director of Music in the Mountains.

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  • Thank you for posting my video! Just to clarify, I was not the violinist in this video, I recorded it as a bystander – I am a singer in Holland but sadly cannot play the violin that well! The violinist is named Michelle Ross. My name is Julie Norman. Hope everyone goes to see her play, check out her website:

  • Fascinating post and certainly worth while following up on the career of the violinist, Michelle Ross, and her videos.

  • Quite brilliant and courageous to tackle the Brahms Concerto without the usual accompaniment and in such neutral surroundings. She plays beautifully and with great technical security. A brave and very musical lady.

  • Awesome! I enjoyed the video. I would not mind being stranded watching and listening to her impromptu performance.

  • Such beautiful playing! And hilariously sad nobody around her seems to take any notice of such fine art!

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