Shocking death of a young composer, 28

Daniel Barkley was a young Irish composer whose life ended on January 11.

Here is his final blog.

His family write: Danny was a beautiful and fragile soul whose being, company, wit and foremost music brought happiness to so many. It is in memory of him that his family ask you to support MindWise, a mental health charity, rather than send flowers or cards.

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  • Not a good day for Irish music: Dolores O’Riordan has suddenly died aged 46. A shocker; cause as yet unreleased.

  • I have just looked at his brother’s blog and heard some of his music. He is a real loss to the music world. So sad.

  • Danny was a wonderful composer and a kind and gentle soul. He will be greatly missed by anyone who was fortunate enough to have met him, or to have heard his music..

  • For myself, and dealing now with severe post- traumatic stress disorder thanks to very able psychologist and psychiatrist (and hopefully healing) I can only emphasize. His music (thank you Alex) brought me to tears. Depression is a dark and lonely place. I have taught generations of medical students that a broken arm or a cancer brings sympathy but dealing with the mind (and depression) is something intangible but, being there, it is horrible beyond belief. My sympathy for his family. I am not a musician but his music resonates for me!! A huge loss.

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