School charges kids £5 a week to study music

In what appears to be a rogue precedent, Bingley Grammar School in Yorkshire is charging students £5 a week to study music to GCSE level.

The school says 25 kids have signed up despite the fee.

The Incorporated Society of Musicians calls the move ‘shocking and deeply troubling’.

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  • I grew up in the UK, but live in the US, in which many school districts have dropped music education from the curriculum. I have two (I hope, frank) questions about this case:
    1) If Bingley Grammar School had determined to drop music education altogether, is it at least a little better that they are still offering it- sort of?
    2) If this is a matter of some (few) thousands of pounds per week, is there an opportunity for private philanthropy to bridge the gap?

    I don’t ask these questions because I think state schools should not offer music or other arts education as part of their curriculum, but given–as I understand it–schools have little control over their revenue, is it a shame on the single school- or the government, or LEAs, or whichever body decides what to prioritize?

  • Wait… “Despite” the fee? Kidding, right? This has got to be class, not private lessons, I’m hoping? That’s $6.77 in $US.

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