Meet the New York Times’s new culture editor

Gilbert Cruz became the Times culture chief today, after a stint as TV editor.

Here’s how his short-term predecessor, Danielle Mattoon, introduced him three years ago:


‘I’m delighted to announce that Gilbert Cruz will be our new Television Editor. Gilbert comes from New York Magazine, where he has been running Vulture, the culture machine that has kept me and every other arts editor in America in a constant state of ‘Why-didn’t-I-think-of-that?’ dismay. He is fluent in all aspects of pop culture, but especially film and — most relevant here — the sprawling universe of television, which he oversaw and brought to order at Vulture.

‘Before New York he was at Time, where he launched and edited’s entertainment vertical and developed Populist, an ASME-winning iPad app. He also did a stint as education reporter and ran the magazine’s Briefing section.’



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      • I don’t agree. Their Arts section is dumbing down, but their political articles and editorial have been stellar and their subscription base is up because of it. That said, they are no longer a shill for the MET, so at least something has come of it.

  • Let us hope he will tell them to review the music in the concerts they go to rather than the music that should have been played (usually composed by their Juilliard classmates)

    • Er, for whatever it’s worth, I don’t believe any of the Times’s current critics graduated from Juilliard, and only one (Oestreich) has even taken courses there.

  • “Fluent in all aspects of pop culture”. So real culture, classical music, literature, etc. will continue to get short shrift under this millennial “culture editor” who possesses not a ounce of the thing he purports to edit.

  • I have stopped relying on the NYT for classical music news, but it is otherwise my primary source of news information. It is by no means perfect, but I don’t understand the generalized bashing on the newspaper in this website.

  • The Times critics have long been even more unqualified for their positions than this guy. Like most critics. No one should be able to be a critic without at least a master’s degree in music.

  • In the two months since Mr. Cruz became culture editor, reviews of instrumental music in The Times have all but vanished. Clearly he has no interest in “classical” music and considers it a money-loser.

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