It just got tougher out there for cellists

It just got tougher out there for cellists


norman lebrecht

January 05, 2018

From the first Lebrecht Album of the Week review of 2018:

It just got a whole load tougher out there for young cellists.

The first release batch of the New Year contains no fewer than four cello-piano recitals, all of them estimable. In a shrinking media environment, none will get the full-length attention they deserve. The best I can give them here is short Schrift….

Who does best?

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  • Pierre Fontenelle says:

    Gets tougher, sure – but it always gets more interesting! All these great young cellists are such amazing inspiration to us other less talented young cellists!

    A lot of new repertoire (you mention in your article Moreau’s rendition of the Rita Strohl Dramatic Sonata – great stuff! I could even see a great CD pairing of French women composers – Rita Strohl, the Boulanger sisters, Betsy Jolas, Marie Jaëll…) 😉

    Mr. Lebrecht, I was wondering what you meant in the paragraph on the rest of Moreau’s album “remaining pieces are mere morceaux” – do you mean that they’re uninteresting pieces? Why?

    Thanks for the coverage of cellists!

  • Bruce says:

    I don’t understand what “Massenet’s outworn sole” means.

    • Pierre Fontenelle says:

      Lol, that’s Massenet’s Meditation – it is pretty cliché, I have to admit… 😛

      But putting together both Swan’s was cute I thought (Villa-Lobos’ and Saint-Saens’)

    • steven holloway says:

      I could only suppose that NL heard in Massenet’s Meditation an outworn SOUL, though I still don’t know what he’s getting at.

  • Philip Taggart says:

    Why isn’t the cellist in the photo identified?

  • Konnor Barnes says:

    Konnor, though this might be of interest to you. Love Grams