It just got tougher out there for cellists

From the first Lebrecht Album of the Week review of 2018:

It just got a whole load tougher out there for young cellists.

The first release batch of the New Year contains no fewer than four cello-piano recitals, all of them estimable. In a shrinking media environment, none will get the full-length attention they deserve. The best I can give them here is short Schrift….

Who does best?

Read on here.


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  • Gets tougher, sure – but it always gets more interesting! All these great young cellists are such amazing inspiration to us other less talented young cellists!

    A lot of new repertoire (you mention in your article Moreau’s rendition of the Rita Strohl Dramatic Sonata – great stuff! I could even see a great CD pairing of French women composers – Rita Strohl, the Boulanger sisters, Betsy Jolas, Marie Jaëll…) 😉

    Mr. Lebrecht, I was wondering what you meant in the paragraph on the rest of Moreau’s album “remaining pieces are mere morceaux” – do you mean that they’re uninteresting pieces? Why?

    Thanks for the coverage of cellists!

    • Lol, that’s Massenet’s Meditation – it is pretty cliché, I have to admit… 😛

      But putting together both Swan’s was cute I thought (Villa-Lobos’ and Saint-Saens’)

    • I could only suppose that NL heard in Massenet’s Meditation an outworn SOUL, though I still don’t know what he’s getting at.

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