Hungarian stick wins $20k in HK

Hungarian stick wins $20k in HK


norman lebrecht

January 15, 2018

Gabor Kali, 35 and 1st Kapellmeister in Nuremberg, was declared winner of the first Hong Kong conducting competition.

He takes away close to US$20,000 and a few dates with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta.



At the so-called EU conducting competition in Bulgaria, the winner was Hao-An Henry Cheng from Taiwan.

His prize is about 5% of the Hong Kong envelope.



  • Dubious says:

    I googled the Kong Kong Sinfonietta but couldn’t find a thing…

  • SDG says:

    Am I alone in being offended by references to conductors as “sticks”?

  • Graeme Hall says:

    I went to the semi-final day and Gabor Kali was one of my picks to win. He also won the orchestra vote which may mean more than the judges.

  • Andreas B. says:

    only met him once, but was impressed. a fine musician.