Hope springs eternal: The San Antonio Symphony is saved

After playing its last scheduled concert this weekend, the tide has turned in San Antonio.

The board chair resigned, the Mayor made a pledge and donations are pouring in from individual supporters.

The new chair says the orchestra is solvent again and 72 musicians keep their jobs.

Fingers crossed.


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  • That’s great!

    (So, assuming that the orchestra really is solvent, and assuming that $8.9 million hasn’t poured in overnight — which is possible but would be headline news — that basically means it was fictitious in the first place, doesn’t it.)

    Sounds like this Bugg guy has a future in electoral politics — he’s got all the right stuff for it…

  • What, exactly, does “solvent” mean in this context? They’re just kicking the can down the road. I wish them all of the best but I will bet every dollar I have — and some that I don’t –that the San Antonio Symphony will face another financial crisis and another and another….etc., etc.

    • Exactly. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. After 40 years of one battle after another, I am not hopeful.

  • I’m not even understanding the “math” of the news story — Tobin Center has 1,746 seats. But the article says:

    “More than 1,100 tickets were available for Saturday’s performance, according to a representative with the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. Some 300 tickets were not sold.”

    If 1,100 are “available” and 300 more were “not sold,” that equals 1,400. Does that mean that only 346 WERE sold? Someone help me out here.

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