Happy days at the haunted concert hall

Happy days at the haunted concert hall


norman lebrecht

January 16, 2018

Powell Symphony Hall in St Louis, Missouri, is marking its jubilee year.

The orchestra still has two players from opening day.

The hall still has its original name (unlike Avery Fisher and so many others).

And it still has its resident ghost.

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More recent halls mostly have mice, not ghosts.


  • Bruce says:

    Our hall also has a ghost (also I believe named “George”), supposedly belonging to someone who died in an accident in the hall’s early days as a movie theater, or maybe during construction. Nobody reports having seen him, just a lot of things going “bump,” lights that won’t stay on or off, etc. We keep a “spirit lamp” on backstage at all times — just an ordinary electric lamp as far as I can tell, but the stage crew swears by its efficacy in keeping George on his best behavior.