Edinburgh Fringe loses its funding

Edinburgh Fringe loses its funding


norman lebrecht

January 25, 2018

It’s carnage day in Scotland.

Among 20 organisations to lose their public funding for the next three years is the phenomenally popular Edinburgh Fringe Festival, creatively far more significant than the official festival. The Fringe received £200,000 a year.

Scots arts officials have a lot of explaining to do.



  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Given how much money is generated by all the festivals held in Edinburgh in August, this is short si.ghted by the city council

    • AKP says:

      nothing to do with the council funding – the money (or funding cut) is from Creative Scotland, the central arts body. Perhaps the article should have been clearer. It is very unwelcome news but the fringe does get other funding including from The Edinburgh Council.

      • Elizabeth Owen says:

        Sorry I misunderstood but that doesn’t change the fact that the festivals bring millions in to Scotland and this is an extremely short sighted.

  • Jean-Pierre Dion says:

    Hey great Fringe people, we’re with you! Whatever we can do to help/support and change the trajectory.
    JP from Québec

  • Sharon says:

    The fringe festival imported to New York City and many other US cities and cities around the world was a HUGE impetus in the exploding wonderful indie or off-off Broadway theater scene in New York City in the last 20 years. What a shame!!

  • Mike Schachter says:

    What then are they going to support?

  • AKP says:

    The Fringe is a large organisation and gets funding and sponsorship from many other places including Edinburgh Council. The loss of the Creative Scotland money is unwelcome but not in any way fatal to the survival of the Fringe. Norman’s rather sloppy headline might suggest to some that the Fringe won’t survive. It will and the funding lost is a small proportion of it’s budget.
    I am not agreeing that it was the correct decision – I think Creative Scotland made some dreadful decisions this time round. However, the fringe will be around for many years to to come and is funded from various sources.

  • Saxon Broken says:

    It looks like they decided not to fund stuff they feel can get plenty of money from alternative sources.