Daniel Hope makes peace with his cheeky shredder

Daniel Hope makes peace with his cheeky shredder


norman lebrecht

January 21, 2018

In a quiet news month, the Times – both of London and New York – alighted last week on the story of the violinist Daniel Hope reaching for his lawyer to take down a video shred of one of his performances.

The video maker, Arno Lücker, was fired from his duties at Berlin’s Konzaerhause despite deleting the video and making a private apology to Daniel Hope.

Last night, the pair published a reconciliation picture.

Arno writes:

We went to the Philharmonie Essen, where Daniel Hope played tonight. After his concert we met him, we apologized and we made this nice pic together as a sign of respect! We all agreed to put this behind us and return to music. 

That ought to be an end to the matter.


  • Bruce says:

    Did/does the peacemaking extend as far as Lücker getting his job back? Just curious.