Conductor, pregnant, cancels second season

The conductor Joana Carneiro who gave birth to triplets lastJanuary is taking the next four months off because she is expecting a fourth child.

Carneiro, music director of the Berkeley Symphony, will be replaced by Keitaro Harada, associate conductor at the Cincinnati Symphony.

‘We are thrilled for Joana and her family – they have our total love and support,’ said René Mandel, Executive Director of the Berkeley Symphony.

Joana, 41, is married to a Lisbon physician. She has been music director in Berkeley since 2009.


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  • Triplets are tricky things for conducting, especially when combined with duplets as often in Brahms. Male conductors are, in general, less bothered by triplets, except when they are themselves the cause.

    • A rare example of triplets occurring simultaneously with a dotted rhythm (similar, but not the same of course) is in Webern’s 2 Songs op.19 (chorus and mixed ensemble). It creates a fascinating , rather fuzzy effect.
      There’s an engrossing analysis of the piece on YouTube which I can warmly recommend. I doubt it will ever be as celebrated as the op.19s of Schoenberg and Bartok but who cares.

  • I wondered how she could have given birth to triplets “in January” and be expecting a fourth child already (this still being January). The triplets must have been in 2017.

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