Cello is named Germany’s instrument of the year

All over the country, local authorities will be promoting the cello throughout 2018.

Hundreds more kids will learn how to play.

As if it wasn’t tough enough out there already…


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    • Why not? They’re the most famous cellists (in pop-culture at least) and pretty damn good cellists as well. Just because they play Michael Jackson and ACDC doesn’t mean they play badly! 😉

      • After thinking for about 5 sec, it appears to me that NL posted the photo to start exactly this kind of argument among the readers – so I will not go along and give him the pleasure.

        Only among their compatriots, Monika Leskovar would be far more deserving to have her photo placed here. Enough said.

  • I think the guys are promoting the cello to a huge audience from young kids to the older set all over the world. They have such a variety in their repertoire from classical to some crazy sounds, so you can choose what to listen to.
    Jackie du Pre and Rostropovich did the same, but only to a small audience of classical music lovers and players as I was. The guys are opening up to all sorts of listeners, and I applaud them for doing this. Good on Germany
    for promoting the most beautiful sounding instrument ever.

  • It actually did not get “tougher” out there for the cello.

    What will happen is what always happens: one out of a thousand will try to make a career out of it (and 1/10 of those might succeed), and most of the rest will become lifelong music lovers (amateurs in the best sense) who have some appreciation for what it takes to play the cello well.

    • Yes, our Prince Charles here in England and future king! He plays the cello or used to, and likes Wagner’s Ring!

  • you guys are all hysterical. we’re all here to make a buck, pay the rent. these guys figured out a niche. they’re playing here in Austin this week. tickets $21-$364.

  • Here’s the problem. Classical followers bitch about state of affairs. Two guys come along and make young adults more aware of Classical music and you still bitch. You deserve what you get, frankly.

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