The big UK issue: can Alexis Sanchez play the piano?

The highest paid footballer in Britain – formerly of Arsenal, now of Manchester United – was featured playing the piano in his transfer video.


The video has been watched 6.8 million times and professional sceptics instantly cast doubt on the Chilean forward’s finger skills.

Manchester United have now published Instagram pictures showing a full portait of Sanchez at the piano.


Does that settle it for you? What does he have to do, play Bartók with the Halle?

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  • If he is playing, why not have a video of him obviously playing, rather than just his hands and then a back view? It could be anyone really.
    A still pic doesn’t prove anything other than that fact that he sat at the piano stool to pose.
    Not disputing that it is him, but they could have strengthened their case by making it more conclusive.

  • there are other soccer players who play the piano realy well, why not feature them? Isn’t neymar among them?
    They aren’t all empty headed tattoo idiots. Beckenbauer loves opera for instance and there are more…sadly enuff it’s the empty headed tattoos who get all the attention..

  • Eric Says: “they could have strengthened their case” …..??
    I wasn’t aware that there were court proceedings in process. Do you know what the charges are? I know what yours SHOULD be, although I don’t believe that as of now we have any penal codes tailored for Wankers. Much more out of ya and I’ll author the bill myself.

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