Bernstein daily: I made Lenny’s batons

Bernstein daily: I made Lenny’s batons


norman lebrecht

January 27, 2018

Richard Horowitz, principal timpanist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, had a little side job.

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  • harold braun says:

    A true legend!

  • Tiredofitall says:

    I knew Dick well from many years at the Met Opera, where he played for over 70 seasons, I believe. Dick took such joy in his life as a musician and had a keen mind and wit; he certainly took no prisoners. I remember him fondly. His sideline of baton making for famous maestros gave him immense satisfaction.

  • Paul Mauffray says:

    Richard Horowitz also made batons for James Levine and for Sir Charles Mackerras (my mentor), amoung countless other conductors. I have a number of batons he made for me which are replicas of the ones Levine and Sir Charles used. Does anyone know who has “taken up the baton” after Richard passed away? I hope that someone is carrying on his craft, because I could use a good repair job on one he made for me …

  • Eduardo Marturet says:

    So glad to see such a well deserved recognition to one of the unsung heroes of the orchestral conducting profession.
    I had the privilege of knowing Richard Horowitz for the last 30 years of his glorious life. He was a great musician, one of the kindest persons I’ve ever known, and the greatest baton maker of all times. Fortunately for us his legacy continues in the virtuous hands of his son Mark.

  • Andres Rivas says:

    Thank you Maestro Marturet for letting us know about Mark Horowitz, who is now continuing with the legacy of his father, the great baton maker. Would it be possible to share with us his contact information?

    Andres Rivas
    Assistant Conductor for the Orchestra NOW and the Bard Conservatory Orchestra