The Italian easy-listening composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi has been signed by the Hollywood talent agency, CAA, Billboard reports.

Einaudi is the first classical composer this century to achieve top 15 album sales.

He records exclusively for Decca.



A concert pianist, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was jailed late last year after identifying his son on social media in the course of a custody battle involving local social services.

The pianist is now said to be starving himself to death.

Concerned about a possible miscarriage of justice, campaigners are calling for the courts to release more public information about the distressing case.

The pianist is of Ukrainian origin and may not be fully conversant with English law.

Tomorrow is the centenary of Antonio Janigro, legendary cellist and revered founder of the Zagreb Soloists.

The ensemble put out a call for 100 cellists to play at a celebratory concert, one for each year of the master’s life.

But 155 have already registered and more are threatening to turn up.

Should be quite some show. See here.


Hanns Eisler had a composer’s voice, but the expression is inimitable.

…. according to one of those pointless academic surveys, this one originating from Nagasaki in Japan.

A tiny sample group of 37 Japanese males and 39 females, most in their early 20s, were subjected to 25 musical extracts and asked to rate them on a scale of “Like very much” to “Don’t like at all.”…

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This is Sara Hershkowitz, an American soprano in Berlin, giving the full DJT treatment – followed by a full Melania shakedown – to Mysteries of the Macabre.


Where does she get that orange makeup?