Universal and Sony strike new Youtube deal

Universal and Sony strike new Youtube deal


norman lebrecht

December 20, 2017

What’s in it for us? Jam some time next decade?

Universal Music chief Lucian Grainge said: ‘This important step forward provides our recording artists and songwriters improved content flexibility and growing compensation from YouTube’s ad-supported and paid-subscription tiers, while also furthering YouTube’s commitment to manage music rights on its platform. I look forward to collaborating with Susan and her team at YouTube on the important work ahead to advance artists’ interests and sustain the music industry’s recent growth.’

YouTube chief Susan Wojcicki said: ‘We’re THRILLED to strengthen our partnership with Universal Music Group”, said she. “This agreement means we can drive more value to the industry, break and support more artists, and deliver an incredible music experience to fans around the world.’



  • Nelson says:

    How anything can be “important” in a platform limited to a pathetic 192 kbps audio capability is beyond my comprehension. It’s sad when quality platforms struggle and record companies are reduced to hawking their wares in highly visible but woefully inadequate methods. Or does anyone care about audio quality anymore? Considering the amount of pirated music that thrives on Youtube, which little or no oversight, and the laziness of many who should know better who seem to get all of their music from there, perhaps not?