Some Trouts are more pouty than others

Some Trouts are more pouty than others


norman lebrecht

December 09, 2017

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

There are five trouts on the cover of DG’s new release and it’s clear from the photo that some are more pouty than others. Anne-Sophie Mutter (violin) takes up the most space, reclining on a divan. Sitting on the bare floor is Daniel Trifonov (piano). In the dark background are Hwayoon Lee (viola), Maximilian Hornung (cello) and Roman Patkolo (bass).

If this were just a ranking of record industry hierarchies it would hardly be worth a mention, but …

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  • Simon Scott says:

    I haven’t heard this recording,but at least it is a live performance.
    I have no faith in modern studio recordings

  • Vinyl Lover says:

    How do you know the recording is unbalanced? I was in the concert, not in Baden-Baden but in Salzburg, I think two days before this recording in Baden-Baden, same musicians, and the recording sounds pretty much like it was performed there to my ears, if my memory serves me right. Mutter and Trifonov were a bit more prominent, active, the others tried more to fit in, it was also how the impression one got when looking at the players. Clearly the main impulses came from Mutter and Trifonov. Still the others were fine performers and in no way out of place. Now this is not unexpected and it was in no way unbalanced or unmusical, it just seemed to reflect the different personalities as they appeared to be on stage.

  • Tommy says:

    I don’t mind this recording. It’s listening that doesn’t hurt. Good but not great sound, nicely played by great instrumentalists. Program is ok.

    But I have to say that it is short on chamber music qualities. There is a major imbalance between the star musicians. Mutter does a good job and tries hard to get Trifonov going, but fails almost continuously. He is as pale a chamber musician as he has experience from it I guess. No risk taking at all, lacking in communication. The worst Trifonov contribution on any recording so far… ! I guess Mutter/Trifonov sell this recording very well, but DGG have many imaginative or individualistic pianists, and most of them would have improved on this recording. Just my thoughts…

    • LHalverson says:

      This recording is not bad. Yes, mutter and Trifonov dominate, but they have the most notes. The imbalance is written into the score. I’ve performed the viola part to this piece, and there is only so much you can do.

      Plus, NL has never cared for Ms. Mutter and jumps at every chance to point out what he feels are her short comings and to be little her.

  • Hugh Jorgan says:

    Nothing to compel a purchase or even distinguish it from the other 182 CD recordings on offer.