Tel Aviv gives Ivry, 95, the party of his life

Some of Israel’s leading musicians are putting on a show on December 26 at the Tel Aviv Conservatory in honour of the venerable Ivry Gitlis, the first native-born musician to make it onto the world stage.

Among the participants are Itamar Golan, Guy Braunstein, Bashara Hrouni, Gili Schwartzman, Ravital Raviv and more.

Ivry will be there, duetting with some of them, probably far into the night.


Tickets: 03-5466228

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  • Ivry Gitlis – one of the greatest violin virtuosi of the 20th century and a free and indefaticable spirit.

    • Nigel,I agree with you 101%!!
      Ivry is one of the very few violinists to have earned the unconditional respect of Heifetz and Milstein and others.

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