RIP, Johnny est mort

RIP, Johnny est mort


norman lebrecht

December 06, 2017

The iconic Johnny Hallyday, a French singer who modelled his act on Elvis Presley, has died of cancer at 74.

His death was announced by President Macron, who said, ‘We all have something of Johnny Hallyday in us.’

The nation mourns.


  • Fred says:

    born from a Flemish (Belgian) father called Smet he was refused Belgian nationality by the socialist government of Di Rupo a few years ago……

    • CJ says:

      He was refused the Belgian nationality because he just wanted it for tax reasons, probably as a step to Monaco, which is not possible for a French citizen.

      • Fred says:

        yeah yeah but this didn’t apply to a Georgian olarch and Halliday did at least ahve a Belgian father, though he the French speaking liberals were at play apparently…it was a shameful decision and now they acting the hypocrite by mourning his death and blablabla

  • Theodore McGuiver says:

    He was quite a character, whose demise was announced possibly even more often than that of Harald Juhnke in Germany. The French airwaves are full of him, today.

  • Stephen says:

    French politicians have been out in populist mode. “We all have something of Hallyday in us”? I sincerely hope not. I was never a fan of this sort of music and, with age, his shows depended mostly on blinding lights and huge volume. He wore ear plugs; his fans didn’t.