Orchestra offers free music lessons for a year

Orchestra offers free music lessons for a year


norman lebrecht

December 05, 2017

The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra has joined up with a French platform Meludia to offer free access to 625 interactive music learning exercises to anyone in Canada for a whle year, starting tomorrow.

The initiative comes from Calgary music director Rune Bergmann (pictured), who says, ‘it was clear to me that Meludia was the ideal tool to bring music literacy not just to our audiences in Calgary, but to every resident in Canada.’

Throughout 2018 a Meludia team from Paris will tour all regions of Canada, introducing Meludia in schools, universities, community centres, retirement homes, Alzheimer and Dementia centres, hospitals, and prisons.

Meludia Vice President Kevin Kleinmann said: ‘At Meludia, we believe that music literacy is a basic and fundamental human right, no different than the right to read, the right to write or the right to speak a language. We believe that a musically literate society is a happier, more harmonious and better society.’

What’s Meludia? This…


  • Jeffrey Manners says:

    I have used this platform for almost two years already. At first it wasn’t clear what was expected of me, nor did I understand the intention of many of the hundreds of exercises, but little by little it all started to make sense and my ears are now at a totally different level of perception and I have to say that it has been an amazing journey. Why can’t we find orchestras in other countries who care about educating their public in the fundamentals of music instead of just offering them the usual, and often boring, pre-concert talks and having children touch a violin? Bravo to Rune Bergmann and the Calgary people for addressing the root of creating audiences of today and tomorrow!