Much fuss about nothing in Berlin Phil’s new money

Earlier this year, the German culture minister Monika Grütters announced that the Berlin Philharmonic was to receive 7.5 million Euros in federal funding on top of its generous state subsidies. It sounded like good news.

But Der Tagespiegel has done the numbers and finds that the new money is all smoke and mirrors.

In exchange for the extra grant, the orchestra has agreed to give up 3.7 million in state funds and 1.7 in Lotto money.

The net gain in federal subsidy is just 2.1 million.

All that Grütters is not necessarily gold. (Could someone please translate that aphorism into German?)

Read on here.


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  • But to be fair to Ms. Grütters: It’s not exactly her fault, when the state of Berlin cuts the subsidies to the orchestra…

    • Not only, that it is extremely fair and constructive, to help out with federal funds, once the state decided to take these cuts. And not only did she help to fill the gap, but upped the contribution by a 2.1 million net increase. No idea why this blog needs this negative spin all the time. It is good news.

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