Montreal investigates a Charles Dutoit complaint

Montreal investigates a Charles Dutoit complaint


norman lebrecht

December 24, 2017

An overnight statement from the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal:


In the wake of the revelations relating to Mr. Charles Dutoit*(1), the Executive Committee of the OSM decided today to undertake a verification process in relation to sexual harassment in its institution.

This decision is motivated by the fact that the management of the OSM has, for the first time, received at the end of yesterday afternoon a complaint of this nature.

The OSM has decided to entrust to an independent third party the mandate:

1. to establish the relevant facts through, for instance, meetings with the person who made the complaint and with any other who could come forward;

2. to give the necessary support to those who need it and

3. to make recommendations to the Executive Committee for the implementation of measures and mechanisms to prevent such misconduct.

The OSM is determined to maintain and intensify its unconditional commitment to respect the dignity and fundamental rights of its musicians and employees. In this respect, it sets the bar at zero tolerance level.

The OSM assures his musicians and employees of its compassion and unwavering support for achieving these objectives.

*(1) Charles Dutoit left the OSM in April 2002 as music Director


  • Charles Fischbein says:

    The last place to have legal difficulties is Montreal.
    I have never had issues in my life outside of that city where I spent a night in jail.
    My car slid off the road in ice hitting a packed car.
    I left my insurance card in my other card.
    It was a Saturday night and I could not get to my insurance agent.
    I was arrested for driving without insurance.
    Being American every staff member in the jail pretended to only speak French.
    When I demanded to call the American Embassy they would not give me the phone number.
    Thrown in a cell with a stone slab as a bed I spent the night sitting in stone.
    In the morning mg girlfriend had found a local attorney and by noon I was in front if a judge.
    She stated I would have to pay a $250 bond and agree to return for a trail in three weeks.
    My friend said she would drive south to the US border so I could finally sleep.
    That was the last time I was ever in Canada
    When I fly to Europe I leave from Miami to avoid any possible weather related stops in Canada and that my return flight will not be routed through there
    Yes I am a fugitive in Canada for not having an insurance card.
    If Dutoit has legal difficulties in Montreal he will face a much tougher system than in America.
    I must say part of my problem was that I was American and the French speaking people if Montreal did not like that
    No there is no reward for me in Canada so don’t call a bounty hunter.
    Just want to give everyone a feel for their crazy injustice system

    • andy lim says:

      Mr. Dutoit is not American and do speak Freach.

      • Charles Fischbein says:

        It might help that he does speak French however my point is that their justice system is far harsher that the American justice system where where we have far more legal rights.
        If charged in Canada the outcome will be much harsher.

  • P Ross says:

    I have followed the reports on this site regarding the alleged actions of both Mr Levine and Mr Dutoit and I must say that I am slightly disturbed by both the coverage and reaction both on this site and the popular media.
    It just does seem to me at this present time that both these men are in danger of being tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.It is quite possible that these alleged events did in fact take place,but surely these should be examined in the cold light of fact in a court of law not by what increasingly starts to resemble,to me at least, something of a medieval witch hunt
    Let us ,at the very least ,have proper inquiries set up to examine and establish the facts
    I for one at least applaud the fact that Mr Dutoit has indicated that he is going to take legal action to try and refute these allegations,and surely this is the only way forward to try and establish the truth, or otherwise, of these allegations…and at this stage I think that we all must recognise that this is all that they actually are….allegations…nothing more.

    • Jm says:

      I totally agree allegations are allegations and I find it totally inappropriate for the OSM to be discussing how it will be investigating this matter with the media.

      Regardless of the result of this investigation Mr. Dutoit’s reputation will be affected as a lot of people do not seem to be able to distinguish between allegations and proof of guilt.