Meet the new 1st violin in the Vienna Philharmonic

Meet the new 1st violin in the Vienna Philharmonic


norman lebrecht

December 19, 2017

Katharina Engelbrecht won today’s audition for a vacancy in the Vienna Phil’s first violins.

Katharine, 30 has been a member of the Vienna State Opera stage orchestra for the past four years. She will have to play another three years before her tenure in the Vienna Phil is confirmed.


  • Simon Scott says:


  • Andreas B. says:


    small correction of the post, though:
    she has been a member of the ‘Bühnenorchester’ at the state opera (afaik, Vienna is the only opera house with its separate STAGE orchestra, i.e. musicians specifically employed to play on stage, for example the banda music in Verdi or the Don Giovanni dance music) for the past 4 years.

    now she’s won the audition for the Staatsopernorchester, which can eventually lead to becoming member of the Philharmoniker.

  • Kevin Worrall says:

    Congratulations, Katherine. May you have many years of music making with this prestigious Orchestra!

  • Leonardo Coronado says:

    Katharina Engelbrecht, saludos, besos y abrazos de tus primos aqui en Venezuela….Felicitaciones……

  • Barrick Stees says:

    Great story! Unless the video is backwards, she is a left-handed violinist!

  • Pliadisfoto says:

    Kaip idomu!