Major US quartet replaces its viola (again)

We hear that the Dutch based violist Gil Sharon is joining the Fine Arts Quartet next month.

He replaces Juan-Miguel Hernandez, who has lasted just three years.

The Fine Arts have been performing since 1946. In that time, they’ve had two first violins, three cellists and no fewer than 11 viola players.

Someone should tell them you have to be extra nice to violists.

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  • Anne Mischakoff Heiles says:

    Violists: again the scapegoat!

  • Andrew Condon says:

    Looks like they need a new cellist as well. Robert Cohen’s website states that his final concert with the quartet is on 28th January 2018

  • Bratschpower says:

    Two first violins, three cellists and no fewer than 11 viola players. So no 2nd violin or is it the same player since 1946..

  • Robert Holmén says:

    It’s like drummers in Spinal Tap

  • Jaime Weisenblum says:

    Let’s do the math again…
    Since 1946 they had 2 first violins,3 cellists and many violists…
    I assume then that for 71 years they still have the original second violinist…
    Well,I guess it is possible if she/he was in their late teens or early twenties!!
    Quite an accomplishment !!
    I guess someone told them to be extra nice to the second violinist at all times.

  • Tim says:

    Here is a detailed list of members from their own website:

  • Jim says:

    A fine quartet which has a position which is somewhat underfunded. They have had some very fine violists, who left for better (paid) positions elsewhere. I would not read too much into this.

  • Michael Comins says:

    They had a weekly radio b’cast on ABC radio in the 40’s. Their theme was a slow movt. in F # major from Hadyn Qt. Op. 76, #5.

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