Maestro move: Jaap changes agent

We reported a month ago that Jaap Van Zweden walked out on IMG Artists, the agency that earned him the highest baton fees on earth.

Today, he signed on with Doug Sheldon at CAMI.

Frying pans, fire.

Either way, IMG is hurting bad.

UPDATE: Doug Sheldon writes:

Most happy to announce Jaap and I go forward working together for the future and pleased to announce it today – his birthday. Effective immediately I am his general manager for the world.


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    • Opening the champagne after losing all the commissions from JvZ’a various highly-paid positions? That doesn’t sound very businesslike!

      • There’s business and then there’s quality of life… dealing with someone so unpleasant for many years takes it’s toll. I heard as well that champagne was in the plans once things were finalized.

        • I too heard that they asked this unpleasant man to be careful not to let the door smack him in the ass as he left. Agents are a funny bunch. Sadly some of them work hard to promote an artist who then dumps them when the going gets better but I guess they know those risks hence they often put up with behaviours most of us wouldn’t because the fees of then bad behaviourist is paying the bills! The proof will be in the pudding when and if this man delivers for the NYP. No amount of sponsorship Borda raises will change bad behaviour!
          When this stuff happens am always reminded of always giggle at a quote often misatributed to Hunter S Thompson… but funny nevertheless!
          “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.”

          • All merely stories… stories… gossip….suspicions…. etc. My own personal experience with ‘this unpleasant man’ is entirely and totally opposite.

  • But the question is : if IMG did the NY Phil contract who gets the commissions ? IMG …so yes the champagne is probably flowing there

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