Just in: Liverpool loses its leader

Message from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic:


James resigned two years ago from his other job as co-leader of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.


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    • I know that this may seem a bit academic, but I am very pleased to see your correct use of the word ‘led’. There are so many illiterate postings on this and other messageboards where the word ‘lead’ is used, that I sometimes wonder whether our polluted atmosphere has infiltrated the posters’ brains so much that they can’t distinguish between a heavy metal and a declension of a much-used verb.

  • Hmmm… about 20 years ago when he was one of the leaders of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, he unforgivably and unjustifiably gave a very hard time to one of my teachers, who was directing / conducting some rather forgettable baroque/roccoco concerto recordings from the harpsichord.
    I’m pretty sure that the RLPO will easily ‘get over’ his leaving the orchestra…
    The words ‘riddance’ and ‘good’ come to mind!

    • Oh dear I’d like to make it clear that the ‘forgettability’ of these concertos was the fault of the COMPOSER ( Boccherini) not the superb playing of the solo cellist, TIM HUGH!

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