Is your Amazon delivery late? Blame the orchestra…

Is your Amazon delivery late? Blame the orchestra…


norman lebrecht

December 22, 2017

It appears that Amazon has a house orchestra with 80 players.

On this embedded video, you can watch employees say Amazon is the best company to work for in the world, and in so many different ways.

Forget the PR crap.

It counts to their credit that they encourage a company orchestra.



  • Larry says:

    If I remember correctly, Microsoft also has several employee musical groups.

  • RW2013 says:

    The film is too cheesy.

  • Kathy says:

    Google has a symphony also.

  • mr oakmountain says:

    Does this include those who work in the warehouses and do the packing, or is this higher level employees only?

  • Charles Fischbein says:

    Great company
    Last summer in their Tennessee warehouse with no air conditioning the company actually paid the local county to park ambulances outside the facility to treat employees for heat exhaustion.
    It was only after local emergency room physicians threatened to take legal action against Amazon that they finally installed air conditioning.
    Then there us Bezos the richest man in the world now who bought the Washington Post rated the most left slanted newspaper in America.
    Then their policy if semi annual grading if all employees and terminating the button 10% immediately.
    Remember Auschwitz had an orchestra too.
    Don’t quite get your point publishing this unless Amazon paid you to post it

  • Charles Fischbein says:

    I may have gone overboard equating Amazon to a concentration camp however they way they treat there many thousands if low level warehouse pickers is quite bad.
    I know if no major employee that requires EMTs in had at their facilities to treat employees suffering heat exhaustion.
    These facts were widely reported on media and online but if course not in the Bezos owned Washington Post.
    The point while admittedly harsh is that having an orchestra for upper management enjoyment does nothing for low level warehouse employees.
    If I offended any snowflakes with an admittedly harsh response I beg forgiveness.

  • Charles Fischbein says:

    Norman before you put Amazon on a pedestal for having an orchestra I suggest you Google
    Amazon’s harsh working conditions.
    You will see literally hundreds of sites describing their warehouses as brutal.
    Brutal us the exact word used in dozens of sites.
    So please don’t neglect mention of the harsh treatment of their low level workers.
    “BRUTAL” working conditions for tens if thousands of undereducated warehouse employees earning minimum wage and actually employed by third party job services and assigned to Amazon so Amazon doesn’t have to provide any benefits including in some States even Workman comp, so injured workers can get no relief if injured because they are not employed by Amazon.
    A bit of easy Google research might provide some balance to your story.
    Funny how you support elite Juilliard students and are clueless of how Amazon treats the vast majority of their labor force
    A little research before hutting the Enter key might provide more balance in both posts

    • norman lebrecht says:

      I am well aware of Amazon’s appalling working conditions. You have suffered an irony failure.

      • Charles Fischbein says:

        Well Sir Norman if you are so well aware of Amazon’s appalling record of treating employees, why not balance your article, or have you applied to Bezos foundation for a grant and want to make them happy.
        Fake news is everywhere I guess.

  • Charles Fischbein says:

    Norman. The whole concept of Amazon orders being delayed by the orchestra that performs now and then for executive staff is honestly blatent Amazon PR.
    I can assert with certainty that the minimum wage pickers who gather pack and load shipments are not serenaded by an orchestra.
    Any liberal, and I far from liberal, who in any way expands Amazon’s PR crap about how well they treat their employees is guilty of cognitive dissonance.
    My last word in Amazon
    Happy New Year