Is Mr Netrebko now an A-list singer?

Is Mr Netrebko now an A-list singer?


norman lebrecht

December 09, 2017

Several Italian newspapers have acclaimed Yusif Eyvazov as a frontline performer after his La Scala debut on Thursday night in Andrea Chenier opposite his radiant wife, Anna Netrebko.

Certainly, Eyvazov acquitted himself well, as you will shortly read in my review of an extraordinary occasion.

And definitely the production was loudly applauded, despite a (very) few scattered boos at the dozenth curtain call.

So was La Scala’s opening night the making of Eyvazov?

Watch this space.

photo  © Brescia e Amisano,Teatro alla Scala 2017


  • Ungeheuer says:

    Very possible. I did not enjoy Netrebko in the La Scala Chenier. It’s more of the same. Generic and increasingly wobbly and sloppy. And the intonation keeps deteriorating. Those low notes are massive, yes, but they sound as if from a separate body altogether. Strange sounding and strange, period. Eyvazov, whose voice is neither here nor there for me, sang better and healthier than she. Just my 2¢.

  • Urania says:

    This was a Chénier tailored for general success. Ok but no more. Profound artistically identification and stage charisma were absent. Unfortunately a trend of today’s world of opera. He (Mr. E.) was solid, did work hard but could not go ‘beyond’ the notes. Chailly was sometimes too fast – a more subtle phrasing would have been better for certain passages. Stage and costumes: Les Miserable.

  • Olassus says:

    Yes, to answer the headline.

  • Margot says:

    I was impressed with him in his recent recital in Sydney with his wife, but I would not put him in the A List. However, if you want Netrebko you are probably going to have to consider him up there too. A bit like the Sutherland Bonynge deal.

  • fred says:

    very decent, acceptable, generic, hard working but no Del Monaco, no Corelli, no Tucker, no Cecchele, no Labo, no Barioni but then neither is Kaufmann….but i never heard him live, so maybe my assesment is wrong…..Netrebko is a wonderful soprano but far from a verista…yet

  • erich says:

    No way A list. As much charisma and presence as a block of wood. He sang the notes decently enough – but who cares. Ok, he was probably terrified and as such should be given a chance to prove himself in a later performance, but on the evidence of the first night, I don’t think Kaufmann need hang up hid harp!

  • Charles Fischbein says:

    The man has his own name. Why not use it.
    Rather condescending headline.

  • Yehuda says:

    How warmly I remember the Domingo-Scotto Andrea Chenier, Levine cond. Really top drawer. They certainly did sing it!

  • Trevor Lynes says:

    Every singer has his or her critics and every fan has their favourites. In my opinion Netrebko is the best all around entertainer in opera. I never saw Callas in a comedy opera and many of the earlier singers just stood and sang. Opera was dying until the fresh, young Netrebko dusted the cobwebs away and started to fill opera houses again. Yehuda mentions Domingo and Scotto yet Domingo says he rates Netrebko up with Callas. With his knowledge and experience I fully bow to his opinion over punters on here who spend their days comparing todays singers unfavourably with past singers. I have many operas and Anna’s depiction of Leonora eclipsed Marton out of sight in Il Travatore.
    Pavarotti had a stage presence and so has Netrebko. She fills opera houses and concert venues everywhere she appears. That makes her a star.

  • Jaroslav says:

    Yes,mr Eyvazov does not have most pleasing colour
    To his voice,but he surely sings very well.
    In the same role he sang much better in Prague- perhaps
    He did not have so much pressure on him or had bit of room for expression… same role at La Scala – maybe
    Partially due also to acoustic of the place – his voice
    Sounded better,but much less of energy in his performance
    Compared to all the performances I could see in Prague.
    I got used to his voice very quickly and loved his precise
    Notes…. Netrebko just did not surprised – was very good,
    But chemistry and feelings missing…