Has anyone seen the Tosca-t?

Has anyone seen the Tosca-t?


norman lebrecht

December 23, 2017

Watch carefully.

Click here for video.


  • RW2013 says:

    Grab that pussy!

  • Anon says:

    Makes sense how the director portrays Scarpia as a predator but of small format.

  • OperaJon says:

    “Questo e il baccio di gatto!”

  • Adrian says:

    it’s Scarpia transfigured – “agil qual leopardo” (Act II)

  • Charles Fischbein says:

    More Euro Trash from a director who feels he or she knows better than the composers and libretto stagalsnd set instructions.
    Like putting a beard on the Mona Lisa
    No wonder opera ticket sales are dropping dramatically
    Reminds me of the trash Zambello is passing for opera.
    Destroying the Washington National Opera more than Dimingo and asking echorbant fees.
    People like her are,destroying opera
    Bring back the days of Zeffirelli who filled every seat in a house with his productions.
    Two years ago I saw a Zambello production of Dre Fliegenfe Hollander.
    In the final scene rather than having Senta jumping into the sea, Zambello with the brain of an oyster has her strangle herself with a piece of the rope from the spinning scene.
    Real genius who feels she can improve on the explicit stage instructions of Wagner who wrote some of the most detailed directing instructions.
    A real simple minded ignorant despicable cretin.
    It directors like her and LaPage who Gelb worships that are destroying opera and robbing audiences of experiencing the original intent of the composer.
    Sure Verdi wanted Rigoletto set in a Vegas casino, with characters dressed like the rat pack
    Then there was the VIrginia opera production of Samson and Delilah occurring in Germany in the 1930s with SS troops harassing the Hebrews, had the ballet scene with an acrobatic theme and a woman in virtually l no clothes hanging from the ceiling spinning in circles and twerking her ass.
    Maybe fun in a Gentelmans Club after a few shots of bourbon but not in an opera house, especially in a biblical themed opera which would be appropriate for children, and there were children in the Sunday matinee

    • Been Here Before says:

      An unnecessary tirade – you are seeing things which are not there. I see a cat passing across the stage and not giving a damn about the singer, which is kind of cute.

      In general, I agree with you. But please save your rant for another (more appropriate) post.

      • Charles Fischbein says:

        Guess I feel like the Christmas Grinch today.
        Have to see my ex wife at Christmas dunner with my kids and introduce her to my new live in twenty years younger than she is.
        That could make a hell of an opera itself.
        Might make Lulu look tame
        Merry Christmas

    • Vaquero357 says:

      Um….I may be somewhat lost here. I assumed the cat just wandered on the stage and did what cats are wont to do – his or her own thing. And stole the show by, literally, upstaging the star.

      Why would one assume his/her walk-on (across?) moment was an intentional part of the production?

    • Edgar says:

      How Soviet a rant this is. Like the one in Pravda in 1936 about Shostakovich’s Lady Macbeth.

    • lawrence munday says:

      I agree totally these arrogant a holes are destroying traditional opera.Its sickening

  • Mitzouko says:

    Domingo and exhorbitant fees, Der Fliegende Holländer – nobody is perfect.

  • Lorna Salzman says:

    An infelicitous conjunction…..

    Or as an Italian would say, O sole meow…..

    Wonder what will happen when they stage Aida….

    or Lohengrin: When does the next cat leave?

    (all you opera fanatics can translate into German..I can only quote it phonetically).

  • Charles Fischbein says:

    My cat loves opera. Maybe Diva my cat can audition and find a way to pay for her keep.
    Brava Diva

  • Hampton DeJarnette says:

    The video (i.e.,visual) part of this will not run on my PC although the sound comes through nicely. It’s not important; watching a cat walk across a stage is something that can be lived without, but if anyone has any suggestions as to how to adjust the computer to show the cat who embarrassed Tosca, I’ll listen. (Other videos run fine.)