Andre Rieu is cleared of child labour charge

A Dutch court has abolished the 116,000 Euros ($140,000) fine imposed on the bandmaster André Rieu for bringing a group of Romanian children on stage to receive their applause after permitted hour of 11 pm.

Rieu had imported the children, with pan flute virtuoso Gheorghe Zamfir, to play in his home town, Maastricht.

Limburg District Court ruled that the reasons for the fine were unfounded and ‘there are too few indications that Rieu employed the children.’



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  • better his musical “dreck” than the anglo-saxon pollution we constantly see and hear on the waves….I also think the word ‘imported’ is insulting, those kids probably had the day of their lives…
    A JonasKaufmann-Rieu disc could well save the classical record business

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