A third quartet in turmoil

Must be seasonal.

After the Fine Arts Quartet changed their viola this week and the Enso announced their closure, the distinguished Quatuor Zaide has received the resignation of its founding first violin, Charlotte Juillard.

She will be replaced by Charlotte Maclet.

At least, they can keep calling the leader by the same name.

UPDATE: Charlotte #1 writes:

‘I’ve been doing this for eight years and I thank my three colleagues for everything they’ve taught me. I have funny stories and others even more funny to tell for a good time if I think about everything that happened to us. It was great to finish at the Paris Chamber Music Center in this hall I love. And thank you again to all those who invited us to play, I couldn’t have been more fun than browsing over and over all these masterpieces. I wish us all a lot of music to all five, to follow!

PS: my name “Juillard” has only one I before the two l, otherwise it would be very famous.

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