A Sound of Music child has died

A Sound of Music child has died


norman lebrecht

December 25, 2017

Heather Menzies Urich, who played Louisa von Trapp in the movie, died on Christmas Eve, aged 68.

A Canadian actress, her other films included Hawaii (1966), How Sweet It Is! (1968) and Hail, Hero! (1969). She worked mostly in TV serials.






  • Sue says:

    I was only talking about the film and who had died not 12 hours ago! Both older actors Plummer and Andrews still live!

  • Jeff Miller says:

    Great interview, Rick! Heather seems like a lovely person, and I loved her story about spending Sunday afternoons on Strother Martin’s back porch…https://www.counterdepthrefrigerators.info/

  • Lisa Jeffries says:

    SoM was the first movie I ever saw. I was only 5, but it had such a profound effect on me. Thus began our 50-year+ love affair. With Charmaine Carr passing last year, it’s the start of the end of an era. Rest In Peace, Heather.

  • Yi Peng Li says:

    It’s all well and good to report the passing of the performers in the film version of Sound of Music, but I would like to know why there is very little news coverage when a member of the 1959 Broadway company of Sound of Music passes. It’s all well and good to keep the film company in the spotlight, but it would only be good to report the passing of any cast member from the original stage productions if only to honour the theatrical roots. However, when this Lebrecht blog carried a post on the death of Theodore Bikel, it may have played a part in bringing to our attention the original Broadway show.