A second star tenor cancels New Year’s Eve

Hot on the heels of Jonas Kaufmann dumping Moscow, Diego Flores has told Budapest he won’t be there to sing in the New Year.

His cancellation is at such short notice that no substitute has been found and the MUPA hall will be dark on one of the biggest nights of the year.


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    • I knew we should have booked for JS Bach instead! At least he always sends one of his kids along if he can’t show up for the concert.
      I think you may be suffering from seasonal climatic disorder Herr Buxtehude ( organ lofts can be so chilly) and suggest a soothing , warm , alcohol based beverage as a prelude to concert recovery. Prost!

      • Indeed. Thanks.

        Unfortunately it will be many years before young Bach’s children will be able to fill in for anybody, and by then I will be long frozen in the cold cold ground. You just might miss me when I’m gone.

  • Florez was due to sing on 11 December in Budapest, which he cancelled. The replacement date was 30 December. He cancelled. In this series of 3 concerts, Kaufmann and Damrau are due to appear in February. Both have cancelled recently. Bad omen.

  • Probably they will attend the Biannual Tenor Congregation in the Black Forest, where all the tenorial stars gather every other year to discuss their tessitura over a Glühwein at the fireplace. Maybe their agents got mixed-up with the years when planning the concerts much in advance.

  • That’s too bad.

    Seems like anybody booking a tenor or a soprano should always have a backup artist ready. (Especially if they’re famous — the bigger the career, the more delicate the voice, it seems.)

  • I’m surprised an entire New Years concert depended on one soloist. Couldn’t they pull out a few more Strauss favorites to fill?

    • Exactly! With the overwhelming amount of talent out there scratching to make names for themselves, IN EUROPE, there is no one they could find. This is how stars are made! It really depressed me for my singing colleagues.

    • If the concert is called “An Evening with Juan Diego Flórez”, it might be hard to find a replacement that the audience would accept.

  • Perhaps Bocelli is available. If not, the best option would be Michael Bolton. Come to think of it, who cares who sings in Budapest?

  • Juan Diego Florez gave a concert in Rome on 20 December, with Antonio Pappano conducting. Florez was clearly unwell and the programme was altered in advance to allow for this. Yet he went on and performed. Una Furtiva Lagrima, in particular, was sung with great sensitivity of expression. He even gave some encores, sitting down with a guitar, declaring it was good to be able to sit! You can see the concert on Medici, as I did. He hates to disappoint his fans, and would never cancel if he could avoid it. He deserves praise, not censure.

  • It’s like having to be in hospital on Christmas and/or New Year: when that’s the case, you are REALLY very sick. I hope Juan Diego takes very good care of himself in order to recover completely.

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