Two jazz veterans pass away

The vocalist Jon Hendricks has died at 96 and the great Columbia Records producer George Avakian at 98.

Tributes at Jazz Times.

photo: John Ross/Masterworks

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  • John Hendricks was a wonderful musician and a wonderful man. He was a real jazz scholar and influence. If I remember right, he took part in the allied landing in Normandy at the end of World War II. A long, very full and worthwhile existence. Rest in peace.

  • Wow, what a tribute: eight words (plus a typo in his name) for the most influential innovator of male vocal jazz. That’s surely Thanksgiving…

  • Norman, your spelling of “Hendrix” is for the rock guitarist, Jimi. The great jazz singer, Jon, spelled his last name “Hendricks.” He was a true jazz genius, one-of-a-kind. I’m listening to the album “The Hottest New Group in Jazz” as I type this. Brilliant!!!

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