This 5* record will not grab you by the ears

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

Some records grab you by the ears, others take longer to impress. It is in no sense to Krystian Zimerman’s discredit that his first attempt at late Schubert took three spins on my deck before I grasped the originality of his interpretation. Rather, it is a mark of Zimerman’s thoughtfulness that the heart of the music is revealed layer by layer in a manner that makes you want to listen again and again….

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Photo: Kasskara/DG

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  • Agree. Great record, wonderful playing and insight, unfortunately getting some bad reviews. These folks need to listen.

  • Judging from excerpts I’ve heard online, this recording richly deserves its five stars. It’s yet another reminder that reports of the death of the recording industry are exaggerated. Even the big labels turn out the occasional masterpiece.

    Zimerman is the real deal. One of the greatest pianists alive, and one of the most consistent in the quality of his recordings. I am still dreaming that one day he’ll decide to perform again in the US.

    • He is great.

      Maybe if we promised not to destroy his piano again… Unlikely during this president though, I imagine.

      • If Zimerman stays faithful to his 2009 he could be lured back only if the US changed its military policies overseas and particularly in Poland. Even Obama didn’t pull that off. We can only hope for Zimerman’s change of heart. After all, he performed repeatedly in the US after the piano damage incidents, which reportedly happened in 2001 and 2006.

  • I found his Schubert album lacking in insight or enthusiasm. While I appreciate his more lyrical touch, it tended to succumb to inertia. At times, I felt as if he was taking his cue from Pogorelić. This is a minor misstep from an otherwise stellar career.

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