The pianist who plays on death row

From Al-Arabiya:

Shireen Maalouf is one of the most precious people I met while studying in Lebanon. She resembles sweet rain that flows in a forgotten and remote land.

She simply feels the pain of others and hopes to save them at all times. Her financial capabilities were not much but she had a bigger heart than just play piano for the rich and the intellectuals in fancy theatres.

Shireen, the passionate and skilled pianist, thus escaped from all those who feel no pain and decided to transport her piano in a rented car to head to a Lebanese prison after attaining permission to play for inmates, particularly those on the death row.

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    • And what parts of the article make it so “appear” to you? Desperate for publicity implies desperate for success as a pianist, but the article states that she will not emigrate from Lebanon. Success as a pianist is a touch more likely to come outside the Middle East, surely. Your comment here, as also that on Nikolai Kapustin and nigh on all your comments, is a matter of calculated negativity.

  • Why post this video? We know they exist. We now have to make sure children are children are nowhere near us when we read Slippeddisc.

  • Public executions; barbarians. But in the case of civil courts and murder and terrorism convictions an execution would be called for. I don’t know how many horror documentaries I’ve seen about convicted killers being released after a relatively short prison term only to go and and kill, over and over. That’s just as barbaric as capital punishment.

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