The music critic who takes in refugees

The music critic who takes in refugees


norman lebrecht

November 17, 2017

We hadn’t heard for a while from our old friend Manuela Hoelterhoff, former critic and editor on Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. This may be why.

From Pen America:

Manuela Hoelterhoff and Emad Tayefeh share an interest in politics and art, and for three months last year, they shared a home.

Tayefeh is an Iranian filmmaker who fled Tehran in August 2015 having been repeatedly jailed for documenting the political repression in his country following the 2009 Green Revolution.

After a perilous journey through the forbidding mountains of northern Iran and on to Turkey, he arrived in the United States a year later. Tayefeh found refuge at the home of Eve Kahn, a former art columnist for The New York Times. Several months later, Kahn led Tayefeh to Hoelterhoff….

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  • Suzanne says:

    what a pleasant change to read a story about generosity in the US which intersects with the arts.

  • AMetFan says:

    Lovely and heartwarming story…exactly the sort of generosity that will make our country (USA) a better place. I know Eve Kahn and am therefore not surprised that she and her husband opened their home. I know Manuela only through mutual acquaintances. She is much-admired, and now even more so. I wish Mr. Tayefeh and his fellow travelers much success in our country. You will add immeasurably to our nation’s culture and fabric. Welcome.