Placido Domingo ‘has been cashed out’

Placido Domingo ‘has been cashed out’


norman lebrecht

November 30, 2017

We thought his plan to put Aida on wheels was a dud.

Apparently not. The backers are still clamouring for investment. Read this.

Too good an opportunity to keep to ourselves…. don’t you think?



Subject: Reminder: Investor search for AIDA stadium opera production with Majestro Plácido Domingo

Dear (name witheld)

We have not receive a final feedback for this investment opportunity yet. Hence, we just remind you with this mail.

We are looking for an investor of the above mentioned unique investment opportunity.

The company has focused on the development, production and global marketing including the exploitation of all licenses and sub-licensing of the project “AIDA – The Stadium World Tour” with Plácido Domingo as artistic and music director and conductor. The detailed key data of the company including the overall concept of the stadium performance are compiled and are available to you after signing a non-disclosure agreement. We have already attached a teaser for this project.

The current situation presents itself as follows:

AIDA project has already been funded with 1.5 million EUR. For example, half of the stage set has been created with this amount and Mr. Domingo has been cashed out as well. To get the AIDA project off the ground, up to 3.5 million EUR are needed as debt capital.

What can we offer to the investor?

–          Assignment of 100% of the revenues of the cinema live streaming (might be extended of all other audio visual marketing (TV, DVD, etc.)

–          Assignment of 100% of the revenues of the first performance in Europe and of the first performance in Asia (after deduction of costs – relevant only for Asia)

–          Assignment of further revenues of merchandising, sponsoring, etc.

This is supposed to return the investment. Furthermore, the investor obtains a long-term participation of the revenues for further performances in the next years.

If this does not match your expectations, please tell us under what circumstances you could provide sufficient financing for this AIDA project.

We would really appreciate to introduce and discuss this investment option with you. If you are interested please send us your response or contact us via phone [redacted]

We guarantee absolute seriousness and confidentiality and expect it as well from your side.

mit freundlichen Grüßen / with kind regards / 谨致问候



  • Ungeheuer says:

    When is enough enough? This man needs to go. His acolytes should follow.

  • Skeptic says:

    The language of this sounds much akin to that of other internet scammers who operate from a non Western country. Perhaps someone should contact Maestro Domingo to check if this is real or not.

  • Nick says:

    The fad for touring arena opera was relatively short and died some time ago. Who on earth is going to fund this production when PD is only conducting? If this project actually gets off the ground, I believe it will crash back down pretty quickly.

  • Patricia Flores says:

    His recent shows have sold out. I would definately go see him, even if he is only a conductor.

  • Tim Shaindlin says:

    Sounds dreadful. He needs to retire.

  • Noneya Beasnuss says:

    Sounds like a scam ..oh wait it is a scam

  • Marianne says:

    sounds like a hoax.

  • Mister New York says:

    No one since Price can sing Aida.

  • Paul c rey says:

    Perhaps he should be thinking about retirement now

  • Paul c rey says:

    I do love aida as I used to play in it, with first trumpet

  • MOV says:

    Plácido Domingo is a multi- millionaire. If it is such a great opportunity, he should finance the project. Time to give back.

  • Richard Craig says:

    you are right York from Minister

  • Brian says:

    The letter’s first sentence alone, with its grammatical error (“receive”), makes me wonder about the validity of this project. I was half-expecting a reference to a Nigerian prince and a request for my bank numbers.

  • phil2u48 . says:

    Why Aida? Really? And who is singing?

  • Roswita Cassara says:

    I think it is a great undertaking for a brilliant man with also a brilliant voice in any form. It does concern me about his health. But I can understand him. 76 years and still very active. Why would you want to slow down and give up what you love the most.
    Go on Cido follow that dream. You still have the world on a string.

  • Nick says:

    As his Three Tenors franchise was coming to is end, Pavarotti’s by then extremely rich concert promoter Tibor Rudas had virtually the same idea – with two exceptions. His arena “World Tour” was to be of Turandot but with no stars. It was to start with 17 performances around North America in 2002 before also going on to Europe and then Australasia. He spent several million $$ having two huge complete sets made (so they could overlap each other) and put the US performances on sale. Within weeks the tour was cut to about 7 performances. Sales were so dire that in another few weeks the entire tour was cancelled. I predict the same will happened with this Aida.

  • Ignatius Abbado says:

    This is a hoax. As for those who are offended by the sight of an elder, a living legend, still working in the field he has given so very much to, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to be old too. Hope that no one like you, shallow and intolerant, is around to call for your summary ejection when you show some wrinkles. When Maestro Domingo works, many hundreds get to work. I assure you, when he stops selling tickets, the opera houses will stop offering him contracts. But so long as he makes them money, he’s staying.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      This is not a hoax. The letter has been authenticated.

      • Mr. Schwa says:

        Don’t you just love the term ‘Maestro Domingo’? He can’t conduct his way out of a paper bag. He can/t even read the concert pitches of the transposing instruments. Orchestras know to simply ignore him and follow the concertmaster. The fact that he is too old to sing is one thing: at least he was competent/qualified in this area at one time. But he was never to be taken seriously as a conductor. Anybody who is excited about paying for a ticket to watch him ‘conduct’ is not smart enough to know anything about opera or music, but more power to them, I suppose.

      • Michael Vaccaro says:

        What crooks. It was already cancelled in June 2017 and they are still asking for money in November 2017. The stage set was never built. The producer had already done the same thing with Aida twice before. How awful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!