Label boss is UK businesswoman of the year

Hats off to Rebecca Allen, president of Decca Records, who has just been named Business Woman of the Year at the fourth annual Music Week Women in Music Awards.

Becky has turned around a dusty label into a consistent chart-topper, both pop and classical. Daughter of a sound engineer who started out as a press flak at Decca 17 years ago, she has the label insignia in her DNA and is one of the most straightforward people in the entire music industry.

She also runs a mean charity marathon.





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  • Good!

    But DGG have had some really strong releases past year or so, and have constantly been at the top of download and streaming charts at Qobuz.

    • Some, yes, but some unnecessary lemons too such as the Nebs/husband crossover project or the solo album by a former member of ABBA (yep) whose name shall escape me ’til infinity. I recently heard that DGG recorded Strauss’ Elektra in the studio back in the late ’80s but will not release it. Look at the cast: Jessye Norman, Cheryl Studer, Helga Dernesch, and Victor Braun. Completing the dream are Claudio Abbado and the Vienna Philharmonic. Of course they couldn’t put together ensembles like this today to save their necks. What a shame.

      • Why would they refuse to release it? If the recording is in the can and ready to go it would cost them very little to make it available. Could it be that something didn’t go quite right with it?

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