JEG’s choirmaster has died

A Guardian contributor reports the death of Rodney Dingle, leader of the chapel choirs at Bryanston, Devon, where John Eliot Gardiner and Mark Elder were two of the singers. He was 87.

Obit here.


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  • For GOD’s sake Norman – what the hell is wrong with you, that you can’t even locate a school in the right COUNTY!

    You really are as useless as a bucket of wet piss. Your fact checking is so poor – it’s almost as though you make deliberate mistakes just to garner attention – no journalist could be so consistently crap through sheer oversight alone.

    • For God’s sake (as if he cares…), it’s not like he fired a nuclear missile by mistake… (Warning: it might happen somewhere though.)

      • Haha! It’s a fair point. I accept the rebuke @OBSERVER. But – it isn’t just this is it? It’s actually decades of half-truths, distorted (or being charitable – misunderstood) facts, empirical errors, and mis-statement. It’s an endless conveyor belt of provably untrue statements, (and so-easily so!) across books, radio interviews, articles, websites, and journalism, and it’s a shame because it lessens the credibility of some serious points which then become, by definition : in-credible.

        There’s being an ‘agent provocateur,’ and then there’s just plain sloppiness. Oh well – that’s my pennies worth!

  • Sad news. And I wish I had been aware of all that background information.

    Had the privilege to be taught French by him at Exmouth School as it then was. That was fine. The great thing was his passion about music. At the end of term he would forget the language teaching and share favourite music with us. This included my introduction to Flanders & Swann. The Gas Man Cometh and Ill Wind (the Mozart 4th Horn Concerto parody). Yes, remember Mr Dingle fondly

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