Hot Italian basso gets new agent

Hot Italian basso gets new agent


norman lebrecht

November 27, 2017

Here’s what the Salzburger Nachrichten wrote about him in 2014:

Die langen schwarzen Haare nach hinten gegelt, in schwarzer Hose und Hemd und Schlangenmustermantel zeigt er bodygebuildete Muskeln, die gut und gerne darauf schließen lassen, dass er auch Ähnliches in der Hose haben könnte. 

His long black hair slicked back, sporting black tights and shirt and a snakeskin print jacket, he displays body-builder muscles, which are pretty good and which makes one happy to conclude that he may also have similar attributes inside his pants.

Ildebrando Arcangelo today placed his management in the cooler hands of Askonas Holt. 


photo: Uwe Arens/DG


  • martain smith says:

    Somehow don’t recall reading anything like that about Siepi, Ghiaurov, or Raimondi in their heyday – what’s changed?

  • Mikey says:

    ROFLMAO “body-builder muscles”?
    Obviously, someone hasn’t seen a real body-builder in a while. I’m married to one, and regularly am in social situations with his body-builder friends. This guy looks like a tenor.

  • uncledietmar says:

    a voice not to be compared with the greats…this is only a reflection of our times…no one is interested in the true art of opera. only casting coach fantasy. yum yum ich liebe es…..

  • Nik says:

    Did his new agent advise him to withdraw from Semiramide?