Homeless complain they can’t sleep at the Philharmonic

Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall has erected new white fences around doorways for added security in these troubled times.

What they didn’t reckon on was a protest from the city’s homeless population who like to doss down there at night.

You really have to think of everyone if you’re running an orchestra.

Read here.

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  • I despair when I read about homelessness as I used to do Crisis for Christmas every alternate year when living in London. Far from them all being down and outs as one thinks. And it was -5C on Tuesday night up here.

  • There should be city subsidy for the homeless to attend concerts inside: if there is a particularly dull programme, they should allow to fall asleep for the rest of the night in their seats. This would combine both cultural education and physical shelter in one pc gesture.

  • “Like to doss down”?

    Shame on you for your language that trivialises the plight of some of the unluckiest people in our society. Embarrassing

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