Ballet chief gets six months’ jail for refusing maternity rights

Yorgos Loukos, ballet director of the Opéra de Lyon, has been jailed for six months and fined 25,000 Euros for refusing to renew the contract of a dancer who was returning from maternity leave.

Loukos, 69, was convicted of charges of job discrimination and harassment.

The dancer apparently recorded their conversations.

Report here.


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  • Ungeheuer says:

    Well deserved. And may his own contract be annulled. Even better, may he get blacklisted.

  • Thomasina says:

    He found the judgment was ridiculous and he intends to appeal…But his recorded words are very disrespectful and contemptuous, I don’t think he will win.

  • Sue says:

    You’d be unlucky to get that sentence for murder in Australia. The world has gone raving mad.

  • Observer says:

    A precision: he was not jailed and will not be, with or without appeal – the sentence was suspended (“six mois de prison avec sursis”).

  • Craig Williams says:

    May he get everything he deserves! Most likely will be looking for a new job! [redacted]

  • Prosemo says:

    Well, the guy was wrong. If he didn’t like her dancing, he should have not renewed her contract, or simply when she had her baby, welcomed her back and benched her. If he didn’t have her back because she had a kid, well, that’s bad. Fire him instead. But, 6 months in prison?!?! C’mon. Pretty stiff sentence for the dude, especially if the gal who got her job back when the government gave him what-for.

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