Rare showing of a porn film by a leading US composer

The London Contemporary Music Festival has unearthed a feminist porn film scored by Pauline Oliveros, the eminent experimentalist composer who died last year.

The Sluts and Goddesses Video Workshop was directed by Annie Sprinkle and Maria Beatty, and premiered at The Kitchen in 1992. Festival sources describe the score as ‘ravishing’.

Those of delicate disposition can watch the film with their eyes closed.

The showing is on 8 December at Ambika P3 on Marylebone Road. Tickets can be obtained here.

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  • A quick story about Pauline Oliveros… In 1994, she came to Cloud Mountain in Castle Rock, Washington, for a sound retreat called Deep Listening at Cloud Mountain. I was the director of the center at that time and we often turned down those wanting a retreat at the center, because they didn’t have Buddhism at the core of the retreat, and, because of our staff that serviced retreats, we had a minimum size of retreats of 20 persons. Pauline had only 6 persons that were going to attend so they didn’t meet our criteria at all. HOWEVER, I was a big fan of her Deep Listening recording and I went ahead and scheduled the retreat. After the retreat on the following Monday morning, Pauline was still at the center with her assistant, Robert Mann (really), and I fixed them pancakes. She was a delight from start to finish, and as a continuing fan of Deep Listening, I’ll always remember that I fixed breakfast for Pauline and Robert.

  • When Annie Sprinkle came to Seattle with her show and her stage setting with gyn stirrups, the “take a look everyone” was truly anti-climatic.

  • Glad you can discover this beautiful sound track made by the brilliant amazing composer Pauline Oliveros.

    By the way DaveFerre, I never ever used stirrups. FYI.

  • So much for the level of ‘deep listening’.

    “On some level, music, sound consciousness and religion are all one, and she would seem to be very close to that level.”


    Such ‘sound art’ is entirely self-defeating…. mobilizing the inane and the unsophisticated under the thick skin of naive ignorati. This is not a matter of mere subjective taste, but an objective observation from the viewpoint of artistry and aesthetic perception.

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