Theresa May attends two symphony concerts in a week

Theresa May attends two symphony concerts in a week


norman lebrecht

October 29, 2017

The embattled British prime minister turned up at the London Philharmonic Orchestra on Wednesday and Daniel Barenboim’s West-East Diwan Orchestra on Saturday in aid of multiple sclerosis research.

She should think of buying a season ticket.


photo: (c) South Bank Centre/Ben Larpent



  • Steve McWhirry says:

    She’ll have plenty of time to go in a year or so. Not many good musicians to watch, though.

    • Una says:

      There are many fine musicians and they need our support Not to dispirited. Every one has something to offer. Great that Theresa May found the time to go and support the orchestras.

  • Alex Davies says:

    By coincidence I was at both of these. On Wednesday she was in the Goodman Box (also known as the Royal Box) with a substantial entourage. I wonder whether anybody knows who they were, i.e. whether the visit was for work or leisure. I didn’t spot her last night but did see somebody who looked like her husband. It would explain why four police motorcycle outsiders and a police van were posted to the level 1 exit at the end of the concert. Also seen in last night’s audience was Baroness Williams of Crosby and, unsurprisingly, Steven Isserlis.

    • Una says:

      Shirley Wiiliams? Good for her but she wouldn’t have an entourage no more than the Dutchess of Kent, Katherine, and Tessa Jowell had, both of whom I happened to sit next to on their own and years apart once in Aldeburgh and RFH respectively. They were very friendly. Good they manage to get out and all due to security for not disrupting the audience enjoyment. Prince Charles was at the Ring at ROH and another royal at Opera North last season – was Edward or Andrew, and apart from an even longer interval forbtheir drinks, didn’t impact on the others there and glad they could be there.

  • Rgiarola says:

    Can we figure out that she is a mix of “worst than most” with “light Israel”?

  • Bluepumpkin says:

    Had this been a European politician, we would’ve been told how wonderful and cultured he or she was. Poor old Teresa!- all we really get is “embattled”.