Latest: Symphony hall is damaged in California fires

Latest: Symphony hall is damaged in California fires


norman lebrecht

October 10, 2017

The Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, home to the Santa Rosa Symphony Orchestra, has been shut down following fire damage.

Latest update: California Highway Patrol (CHP) has informed Luther Burbank Center for the Arts that the main building appears to have minimal damage, but that classrooms and the Center’s east end are destroyed.

Tonight’s concert has been called off.



  • Tod Brody says:

    Small correction: The Luther Burbank Center is the former home concert hall for the Santa Rosa Symphony. They now play their primary season in the Green Center (10 miles or so south in Rohnert Park, CA), but still do their pops series at Luther Burbank. The hall is right in the area that was seriously devastated yesterday, with entire neighborhoods wiped out.

    • Anon says:

      Thank you for that clarification, Tod Brody.

      Mr. Brody is Executive Director of the Marin Symphony, Alasdair Neale, Music Director.

      Marin is the county directly south of the fire-ravaged areas in California. Fortunately Marin has not been affected and is offering shelter, meals, clothing and assistance to evacuees from areas to the north.

    • Blair Tindall says:

      SRS flutist Kathleen Reynolds’ house is nearby and still in danger. She evacuated.

  • DrummerMan says:

    The Luther Burbank Center was formerly a church. The acoustics are quite poor, as I recall and the building is an eyesore. I don’t mean to minimize the seriousness of the fire.