Scottish vocal coach is arrested over sexual messages to child

A lecturer at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is due to appear in court in Glasgow charged with sharing sexual images with a child, aged 13 to 15.

The man’s name has been removed from the RCS website.

The incident was reported in the Sunday Mail, but there is no trace of it online.

Presumptions of innocence apply until guilt is proven.


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  • Norman: the picture you have used to illustrate this article names the person concerned. I suggest you use something else.

    • Why? Arrests, charges, and court appearances are all public information. Presumption of innocence does not mean anonymity. The opposite is true, the public has a right to know to protect itself, to determine if there are other victims. Not only should his photo be published, so should his name. Indeed, to do otherwise is to go against centuries of established legal practice and press responsibility.

  • I’m growing more disturbed reading these kinds of appalling things. What IS it with the human male (serious question)?

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