Opera stops in Hamburg as conductor is rushed to hospital

Thursday’s performance of Der Freischütz at Hamburg State Opera was stopped when the conductor, Christof Prick, fell ill and was rushed to hospital.

An 35-minute interval was called. But since no other conductor was available the performance was then abandoned.

Prick, who is 70, is reported to be in a stable condition.

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  • How is it possible that at the Hamburg Opera, one of Germany’s largest, no Kapellmeister was on hand to continue the performance??

  • I once heard an announcer from the Met say (and you won’t believe this), “And now Maestro Perick is on the stand again.” I always thought it was a podium in the USA but that’s what was said.

  • CUBS FAN is indeed correct.
    Puritanical Americans could never grasp a Prick on the podium, although there were certainly many maestros of such mentality.
    I recall Kurt Herbert Adler, long time infallible potentate of the San Francisco Opera contemplating hiring Christof Prick for a production by John Cox.
    He mulled it over.
    “Prick and Cox. Cox and Prick… Nah, even for San Francisco, this would be too much!”.
    The talented Dirigent was encouraged to insert an ‘e’ into his name.
    Gute verbesserung.

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